Want to scream my blocks out

Hello my lovely Followers,

How are you doing? How is your speech?

I am doing quite poor the recent week. I am so much tired of my speech disorder, even though I can use techniques to minimise it, but I am just tired to think about it every day. Which word to use, where to make a pause, facial tics, people reaction.

I am no different than a person next to me, I just talk in a bit different manner. It’s the same with clothes. It’s hard to see two people with same clothes. So what – I blink? So what I have blocks? Don’t get me wrong. I love the way I am. I love speech imperfection in me, but.. when someone doesn’t understand what you trying to say and automatically thinks that you are not intelligent. In that case you starting to think that you are less intelligent than a person next to you.

Why is it so hard to love yourself the way you are and at the same time do not give a dam what others think of you. Why we give permission for others to think less about us? Why we care?

Afterwards it takes some time to get up and feel strong again, until we meet THAT one person, who thinks less about us. And again we need help to rise up.

How do you guys, deal with emotions and to people like these?

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