If you are reading my blog posts that means you are a stutterer or either you know somebody who is stuttering. I am a stutterer myself and today I would like to talk about the fact, that I stutter. What it means to me and what have I learned so far.


The biggest minus is that stuttering is holding me back. There are many days in a year that I feel confident while stuttering, but if feels that there are much more days when I feel bad about my stuttering. I used to feel sad about it, but not anymore. You know why? Because I have accepted it. I could speak proudly why stuttering, but sometimes I just don’t what to stutter.


I learned a lot about not only myself but others too. I became more of observer. Yet I am always straight forward that I am a stutterer. I don’t hide it from anyone, especially from new people that I met. If they accept me – that’s fine, if they keep interrupting me – that’s also fine. It means they don’t know how to listen yet. Nobody showed them good communication skills. If they speak while I speak – that’s fine also. I will listen, because who shout the loudest usually have the most to hide.


It’s always a struggle. I have told you before, that I accepted the fact that I don’t speak like others. I speak in my own manner of speech. But there are always situations in which I want to speak just like others. I am pretty sure I will feel like this all my life, but that doesn’t mean I am not happy. I think I am more happier than a majority of people around me.


Stuttering is just a small part of me. I don’t let my speech to control me. I still have two legs and two arms, two beautiful green eyes, lovely hair and I can do many many things. From intense training to preparing a car for panting. I am that crazy! I bet you are also a lovely person. You can dance and make others happy. You can read and think too. Please share with this world not only the fact that you have a stuttering, but also your uniqueness. What makes you happy? When do you feel happy? What do you like to do? What books do you like to read? I am hoping to know. Please take care of yourself today and always.

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