the sea

A meaningful poem about stuttering

When I was born

I was born to fight

The words were trouble

and wouldn’t come out right

So I would just walk, in the quiet


I thought long and hard

on the words I said

I would change them around in my head

but the words, were still a mighty fight


Others would laugh

and call me names

They thought my words

were mighty strange

I would just hurt, in the quiet


I dreamed of times

of better days

I dreamed my trouble

would go away

The words were a battle, everyday


The fight of words gave me a life

It gave me a gift

It gave me an eye

That could only be learned, in the quiet. (By Eric Hawkins)


I love this poem. It gives strenght in my everyday life. It makes me think about bad and good experiences I had, the people I met. Their face expressions. What did they think about my speech? Did they know what is stuttering?

Do people really care? 

I always think, if I would speak well, where would I be right now?

Does stuttering effect my life?

If it does – how much, then?

How can I minimise my stuttering?

Am I ready to do it?



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