repetition technique

Technique to minimise your stuttering 100%

Today I would like to share with you an amazing repetition technique. My speech specialist Hanah showed me and teached me everything about this technique and I will try to share it with you, guys.

Repetitions technique

This technique is brilliant if you have blocks on words that starts with consonants. For example: coffee, ketchup, microfone. This technique is simple yet very effective.
For a better understanding let’s have an example. I will use word “Morning”

Instead of making your chord muscles very tight, try to relax them, take a deep breath (breath from your belly, not your shoulders) and while exhaling say “Mo-mo-morning”. It must be done in easy and slow manner. Don’t push too hard, because you will have a block.  Before you will get used to this technique, it is highly recommended to repeat first syllable of word for for the 3 times. 

I remember I had to introduce myself and I wanted to repeat for only 2 times and I ended up repeating for 10 or more times and I couldn’t help myself to stop. It was embarrassing, but I managed to cut of the sentence and introduce myself again in which I succeed.  

How often to use repetitions technique?

I would suggest start using repetitions only 2-3 times per week until you will be 100% sure and you will be able to use it in your daily talks.

When learning new techniques, I noticed that mornings are the best for me to practice. First off all in silence, then stand up in front of the mirror and the last step – practice in front of your family/close friends/boyfriend/girlfriend.

Do not forget

Remember first of all deep breath using your belly and while exhaling say the world in easy and slow manner. That is very very important! This technique is very useful for me. Since my mainly blocks are on words which start with consonants.

I hope you will find it helpful!
Have a great day 🙂