Personal life achievements and how is it different when you stutter

Hello my lovely Friends,

What did I do this year?

It has been a year now, since my last post. How is my stuttering? What did I achieve? How is my mental health?

I finished hairdresser courses. YAY! It was one of my dreams as a stutterer. I was curious how people will react to a hairdresser who have huge speach blocks.  As  students we cut hair for free therefore we had lots of people with different attitude. Some of them were super nice and friendly and some of them couldn’t understand why we cut hair so slow and they wanted to talk and talk and talk..

Did people recognize my stuttering? To be honest I don’t know. Of course I always felt  a rush to say everything fluently, but when you are a stutterer you have your own techniques and you play with letters and words to make it sound easy. It was a hard journey, because you are stressed and at the same time you need to focus and talk in a nice manner. Would I do it again?

Yes, I would do it again and this time I would do  few things differently. I AM A HAIRDRESSER, Guys!!!!! 🙂 Right now I need to practise, practise and practise.. I hope I will find a hairdresser who will teach me more and could help me with haircuts.

Personal achievement and joy

I have a driver’s license now!!!!! It was an experience with fun, stress and lots of tears 🙂 I did it in 3 months and I passed theory test and practical driving exam FIRST TIME. Why I mentioned it? Because some people think that stutterers have problems with thinking and we are unable to be first in what we do.

I dont want to sound rude, but I just want to highlight that if you want something REALLY REALLY bad and if you are PASSIONED about it, you will do no matter what other will say and no matter how much stress, energy it will cost. That feeling when you finally do what you were afraid of – makes your soul dance around your heart. It makes you very very happy and you finally can be proud of what you did. And it really doesnt matter if you have a stutter.

You know what is stuttering for me? It is the way I talk. Stuttering made me realise how wonderful and lovely lady I am. I am more patient with others, I listen more carefully, I look people in the eye and I never intterupt, unless it happens by the accident.

How do I feel?

I feel calm. I started to take more walks and take photos in the nature . I started to believe in myself more. That is such a great feeling. When you make best friend with yourself – nobody can harm you.

I still need to learn a lot about myself and my emotions, but it is a long long way, which I enjoy very much. Like my mom always say:”If there is a problem, there always will be a salution for it”.

I hope you, guys, doing fine and had a nice time reading my post.

I am very happy that I have you guys!




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