Control your stutter while talking


How do I manage situations when I feel like I am going to stutter?


  • Always take a pause and a deep breath. I know, it is hard. Especially when you talk and suddenly you have a block.  What I do is I cut and say it again after a pause and deep breath.
  • Talk slower. Fast talking never helps, it does not matter if you are stuttering or not. Are there anybody who admires fast talking people?
  • Use small pauses. It helps to relax, to think and it is much more easier for  listeners.
  • Do not forget to breath! I know it is strange to say it, but we all have been in situations where we know what we want to say and suddenly we are out of breath. This does not  go along with good communication skills.


Most of the times I use all these small tricks along with one of my favorite technique.  When the first time speech specialist – Hannah told me about this talking technique, I did not stop using it until now.

From now on I will be doing videos about talking and communication techniques. I want to share with you ,guys, all the good advices I got from my speech specialist.
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