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  • repetition technique

    Technique to minimise your stuttering 100%

    Today I would like to share with you an amazing repetition technique. My speech specialist Hanah showed me and teached me everything about this technique and I will try to share it with you, guys. Repetitions technique This technique is…

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    If you are reading my blog posts that means you are a stutterer or either you know somebody who is stuttering. I am a stutterer myself and today I would like to talk about the fact, that I stutter. What…

  • Stuttering

    Control your stutter while talking

      How do I manage situations when I feel like I am going to stutter?   Always take a pause and a deep breath. I know, it is hard. Especially when you talk and suddenly you have a block.  What…

  • the sea

    A meaningful poem about stuttering

    When I was born I was born to fight The words were trouble and wouldn’t come out right So I would just walk, in the quiet   I thought long and hard on the words I said I would change…