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    My morning routine

    morning routine

    Hello my dear readers. I was thinking about writing a blog post, but I postponed it weeks after weeks. I felt like I have nothing to say, but I really do. It is only my thoughts trying to trick me. I am working on that 🙂 I would like to share my morning routine. I hope you will find it useful. Wake up earlier than your partner I am not a morning person. Or should I say, I love spending my mornings alone? During the years, I understood how much I appreciate waking up earlier. I am more happier and…

  • repetition technique

    Technique to minimise your stuttering 100%

    Today I would like to share with you an amazing repetition technique. My speech specialist Hanah showed me and teached me everything about this technique and I will try to share it with you, guys. Repetitions technique This technique is…

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    If you are reading my blog posts that means you are a stutterer or either you know somebody who is stuttering. I am a stutterer myself and today I would like to talk about the fact, that I stutter. What…

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    Stuttering and romantic relationships?

    Hello my lovely readers, today I would like to talk about RELATIONSHIPS. I’m on this Facebook group called “Stuttering community” and once in a while members of this group ask if it’s possible to have a life partner. I do…

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    Want to scream my blocks out

    Hello my lovely Followers, How are you doing? How is your speech? I am doing quite poor the recent week. I am so much tired of my speech disorder, even though I can use techniques to minimise it, but I…